We all want to perform at the highest levels, but many times we get stuck. Teams can also lose focus, and stop delivering. We need new thinking, new habits, and renewed energy.

Think for Results delivers tailored services and solutions to empower leaders, mobilize teams, and align people to act on the things that matter most.

Our customized coaching and consulting helps individuals and organizations generate a wealth of new perspectives and the courage to make things happen. 

This kind of thinking leads to new levels of individual and team RESULTS.




With over 30 years of internal and external consulting experience, people often say I am different than most consultants.

Think for Results was founded on the question “What does it take to help others think with clarity, rigor and courage?”

Starting with the strategic vision, we partner with leaders to build and align processes, tools, and expertise to enable high performance.



Think for Results doesn’t have a load of pre-packaged services we are determined to “sell”. Instead, we would rather sit in an executive meeting, the cafe or the lunch room, listen to the conversations, look at the way decisions are made and the way departments cooperate.

By listening, we get to the root cause - WITH YOU.

Linda Stanley was born a coach. Her seemingly effortless style is demonstrated by how she builds trust immediately, asks incisive and enriching questions that delve gently into authentic issues, partners to create practical and immediate action plans, and provides accountability for sustainable results.
— Owner, Partners in Thinking